Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Just wanted to give some testimony of some ways God has been helping me the last week…

On Friday, at Christian Union Small group, there were a few things that we prayed for for me. Firstly, that my performing arts course would be able to find the £900 that was suddenly needed by this coming Friday to make sure that we could still go – thankfully, a number of people on our course have been able to pay their money towards the trip early. It looks like this prayer has been answered, so thank you guys!

Secondly, we prayed that God would strengthen me to defend myself from attacks on my faith.

The next day, we had auditions for the performing arts course I am on. After the auditions, we were in the bar, and my voice teacher came up to me, and said ‘Oh, I have something for you… I was meant to give it to another student, but he hasn’t turned up. I think you’ll find it useful’. It was a book called ‘A Ready Defence – Over 60 Vital “Lines of Defence” for Christianity, Topically Arranged for Easy Reference”. He then briefly talked about his faith to us, and on the way home, was talking to me and Alex about how he knew there was something in Christianity, because he had literally seen friends get out of wheelchairs, snap out of strokes, seen babies literally cured of aids – all whilst being prayed for.

Interestingly another teacher on Monday suddenly started telling the class about how important their Christian faith was to them.

There are of course, many other ways, but maybe these are for another blog….Smile with tongue out

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