Sunday, 13 March 2011

God and the Tsunami

I just want to start with Christian Aid's prayer for the victims of the Tsunami.
Please join me in praying this prayer:

‘O God, our refuge and strength,
our help in times of trouble.
Have mercy on the lands where the earth has given way.
Have mercy on the lands where the weather has destroyed livelihoods.
Prosper those who rebuild houses,
and strengthen those who rebuild hope
so that entire communities
may face the future without fear.

It seems to me that you can argue all you want – is God to blame, isn’t he, but is this really the time to be having this argument? All the time we are arguing, we are not helping those who need it. While we are doing this, we are missing a chance to live out the commandment of loving our neighbours, and to defend our faith by showing God in action. Lets use this as a time to show and facilitate God’s love, rather than trying to argue for it or rationalise it.
In my last blog, I was talking about the power and strength of the Church Family. Lets be praying on how this Church Family can help victims of the events of the last few days.
Just pray, and listen to God – let him tell you how you can help. Let his love shine through the situation.
It is worth remembering that a lot of the time, God’s light shines brightest through struggle: I was talking to a teacher of mine, who had lived in Africa, and had been to a church with over 50,000 members. He said that one of the reasons he just can’t ‘let go’ of Christianity, is that through God’s response to their problems through prayer, he knows that God is definitely there. He talked to me and some other classmates about seeing children being prayed for and being completely cured of AIDS, he has seen people who have had strokes, leaving them paralysed down one side of the body be prayed for and literally completely snap out of it, and again, through prayer, he has seen friends in wheelchairs instantly get up and start walking.
Undoubtedly we are going to be tested in our faith over this issue, but we just need to hold strong and keep faith that God will show through. He has proven since the beginning of time that he shows up, so have faith that he will do the same this time! One of the things mentioned in the blog about steps of faith, is that God’s word stays true no matter how we are feeling. We need to keep faith, and keep encouraging each other as a family, as well as praying for strength and guidance. Once again, I would like to point people towards the documentary about George Muller, for inspiration.
Here is an article on how a number of Christian Organisations are aiding relief work already.

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