Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Through sickness IN health

Just a quick blog to point out an observation I have made the past few days...
Since yesterday I have been feeling more and more ill - nothing serious, just a bad cold - nonetheless enough to leave me seriously flagging and looking like a crack-head.
Last night, I decided to go to C.U anyway, after some debating, and what I noticed was that during the worship and prayer, at least once I had got into it - far from feeling flagging and run down, I felt very much as alive and peaceful and happy as i would normally hope to feel in those circumstances. It was exactly the same during there prayer and worship tonight at my cluster meeting.
Out of this it dawned on me that God truly offers us respite from the flaws of our earthly bodies in his presence. It was like, during that time with him, he took me out of my imperfect, ill body, meaning that my spirit, in the presence of his, was able to be truly free. God truly offers us freedom!

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