Wednesday, 27 April 2011

There For Me

As many of you who are close to me will know, about a month ago, my Nanna died. It was very sudden, and was obviously very sad, and a big shock to all of my family. I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be for her children and husband.
I remember though through the whole situation, getting this amazing sense of God just being there; He was taking care of things when she was ill, he ended the suffering in a humane way.
He helped me to mourn – bringing verses on mourning to my head through prayer, moments BEFORE I had found out she was ill. He also gave me great avenues – whether it be speaking at the funeral, or at the Christian Union, or any of the many other ways.
He was there to comfort me; Through his words of comfort in prayer, to the wonderful friends were there for me (you know who you are Smile).
He was there to keep me going – the strength he gave me to get coursework done in that first week, which was also deadline week. This strength came through prayer.
He was there to pick me up; He found the right services for me to listen to and watch, the right words to say to me.
He found my words – when I was speaking to relatives, and words were hard to find, he helped me to do this.
He guided me, including already mentioned verses on mourning, given to me moments before I heard she was ill, as well as getting me to read John 14, with no one knowing I was reading it, and then the next day being asked to read that exact chapter at the funeral.
Thanks for everything Lord,
Thanks for everything friends,
Rest in peice, Nanna

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