Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Faith and Princes

Had a long rehearsal day today, and new it was going to be long.  I spent a large amount of the bus journey reading my new book, 'The Authentic Gospel of Jesus'. It is a fascinating book. Just to take the blurb off the back - 'Who was the real Jesus? What was the original message of the charismatic Jewish healer and moralist who changed the world? Renowned biblical scholar Geza Vermes distils a lifetime's knowledge to examine every saying attributed to Jesus, scraping aside millennia of Christian tradition and writing to return to the true teachings of the man behind the Messiah.'
The first chapter of the book examines all of his commands, and what i have realized more than ever, is how faith underpins them all; 'Your faith has healed you', - every healing he says happens because of the persons faith - their belief that it will be cured.
Of course Jesus also tells us that 'If you have so much as a mustard seed of faith, then if you ask that mountain to move, then it shall move'.
But how often do we truly put our faith in God, for this to happen?
I know that I find it so hard to let go of certain things to God. Some times I try to do things too much on my own, because - lets be honest, I don't trust him with it. Because of a lack of faith.
But actually, it's not because I don't trust HIM with it, it is because I wouldn't trust ANYBODY with it. It isn't because he is not trust worthy, rather because we don't like losing control, and we think that - possibly because of our experiences with other people, 'if you want something done, then you should do it yourself'. Maybe this is the case when it comes to people, but God is not a person.
Can we truly say that we would be able to do it better than God? This God who created the universe down to the very smallest detail?
But he doesn't know what I want! This God who knows our hearts better than we know our own first names?!! He knows what we want better than we do!
Back to the bus journey. I also spent about 10 minutes or so praying, asking what God wanted of me that day. What I kept getting was that he wanted me to step up to the mark more - that I was a Prince, and I needed to start acting like one, and believing it. It then got me thinking - isn't this the same for all of us? We are brothers of Jesus, and he is the King of Kings. Therefore, we must be Princes.
And the people we call Royalty on this planet - there is really no difference between us and them; Scientists say that there is about 2% genetic difference between every healthy human being on the planet. Therefore that is how similar we are to every prince and princess on the planet - we are 98% the same.
We are all built to be Royalty. Lets start believing it. Let’s start believing that anything is possible, because with God, it is.

This song says it all perfectly.

You Never Let Go–Matt Redman


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