Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Journey To Faith

Ok, I don't know where any of you guys are on your journey's through faith - or wether you are even Christians. If you aren't then you are still more than welcome to post your views and opinions, but bare in mind that I will always be coming from the hypothesis that God is real, and around us all of the time, because I believe this very strongly, just as much as I beleive the voice that I can hear upstairs at the moment is my housemates. Let me start by giving a bit of testemony as to how I actually came to know Jesus.
My journey to Jesus has covered most of my life. My father is a Buddhist, and when I was about 5 or 6, it was arranged that I would be 'empowered' as a Buddhist, and this was something I had asked for. The night before it was due to happen, I had a really strong image of Jesus in my head, and I realised at that moment, that although I would have to go through with it so as not to let people down, I was not going to be a Buddhist, I was going to be a Christian.
Although I believed in God, I never really tried to build a relationship him after this, aside from going to Sunday school with some friends every now and then as a young teenager, I never really 'practised' Christianity. Eventually, it got to the stage where I was saying 'Yeah, okay. God doesn't exist.'
Then when I was working in care, I was asked to take some clients to church. Completely unexpected, God started talking to me. I remember, during a prayer at one of the services, feeling this rush through my body, like electricity, as he gave me an answer to something that had been pulling me apart for weeks, in such a way that it could only possibly be him. It was at that moment that I knew for certain that he existed. About a year after this, I moved to Cheltenham to start Uni, and at this point, I was still not going to church for myself (as in, not with clients). I had planned to start going to Church down here, but for some reason or another just never got round to it.
One evening, me and some friends had been having a fairly big argument, because I had decided to forgive someone, and they couldn't understand that, and it was an argument that got quite personal. I decided at that point that I was going to go to church that night. The church that everyone had recommended to me was Trinity Cheltenham ( When the services started, I felt as if suddenly God was wiping everything clean in me. I felt a massive white light over the place. One of the main themes of the service that night was forgiveness. Since then I have been fortunate enough to feel god's connection getting stronger and stronger, and I can safely say that I have never had a prayer unanswered in one form or another.
For anyone wondering why I have started this Blog, it actually came out of an argument I had with my mum earlier, who, God bless her, was only concerned. She was concerned about how much I was posting about my beleifs on Facebook. My view is very much that Christianity is something to be shared, and that this is in fact what Jesus calls us to do - to spread the good news. We do it, as Christians, out of joy and love, not out of hate and condemnation.

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